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Virtual Acquisitions is a private Maryland company founded in January 2000.  We specialize in Internet Marketing, Publishing, and Home-based Business Development.  Our mission is to equip others with the knowledge and the tools to create a more financially profitable quality of lifeDuring our inception, as developer and builder of The Pipeliners™ Intranet, a virtual community for students of financial literacy, as taught in the Rich Dad book series by Robert Kiyosaki, we were the first to establish, test, and successfully implement an online model to allow individuals to play the financial board game CASHFLOW® using voice and text chat technology.  Today our commitment continues by providing you with breakthrough personal wealth creation services through the Financial Destination networkUsing the network's portfolio of services you can effectively
  • Generate Monthly Income
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Acquire Income-Producing Assets
  • Multiply Cash Flow
  • Reduce Taxes   

If you're interested in using the power of the Internet to create wealth and improve the quality of your financial life, then get started now!  Return to our home page or make a menu selection and discover why "Our Thinking's On The Money"!